Educator Resources & Workshops

Uncommon Schools is committed to sharing what we learn in our schools to help improve education for all children. Our instructional books have become national bestsellers, and our workshops are attended by educators from urban classrooms across the country. We are passionate about learning from the talent in our classrooms and from our fellow educators, and disseminating that knowledge to the world.

Teach Like a Champion© Resources

Online Training

Learn and practice Teach Like a Champion techniques on your own schedule with these 24 online modules.

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Plug and Plays

Train-the-trainer materials for instructional leaders who want to help teachers master Teach Like a Champion techniques.

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Grab and Go

Simple, free ideas based on Teach Like a Champion techniques that you can begin using in your classroom tomorrow.

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Uncommon Workshops

Education leaders at Uncommon Schools host world-class professional development workshops, bringing the best practices honed in our classrooms to educators across the country. Scroll down to learn more about our upcoming workshops: Great Habits, Great Readers; Reading Reconsidered; and Teach Like a Champion (Building Strong Classroom Cultures, Engaging Academics, Ratio, Systems and Routines).

Date Workshop Location Description
July 20-30, 2020 Dean of Students Virtual Series Zoom (online) Build positive, vibrant school culture to drive results.
July 27-31, 2020 Engaging Academics: Remote PD Zoom (online) Design and engage students in rigorous academic work.
August 17-21, 2020 Building Strong Classroom Cultures: Remote PD Zoom (online) Build cultures that enable joy and academic achievement.
Open Seats Available for the 2020-2021 School Year. Enroll Your Child.