Morriah Young
Camden, News

Camden Prep Teacher Competes on Survivor Season 43

  • September 20, 2022

Morriah Young, a middle school performing arts teacher at Camden Prep, competed on Season 43 of Survivor. Young states that she spent her formative years watching Survivor¬†with her late mother, who only recently passed away. She said that the entire reason she is participating in this season is to “commemorate and honor her.”

Young explained that her teaching experience would be an asset on the island. As a middle school teacher, she has learned how to be patient and when to switch her demeanor according to the age group of children she is dealing with. She has additionally acquired the skills to build relationships and read the room. Young sees herself “as a joy liaison,” as she plans parties and potlucks and brings people together.

The Philly-based teacher additionally mentioned that losing her mother prepared her for the game and survival. Morriah added: “But losing a parent, and especially losing a mom, in my opinion, that’s one of the most difficult losses you can ever go through. And Survivor’s such a raw experience and game where everything is taken away from you. All of your possessions that make you feel comfortable and make you feel warm and at home, those things are stripped away from you, and you’re on this bare island.”

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