Our Professional Development Focus

At Uncommon Schools, we are national leaders in educator training and development for one reason: we believe our students deserve our best, so we strive to get better every day. As a teacher, leader, or team member at Uncommon, you will receive high-quality one-on-one coaching, support, and professional development from a team that believes in your success.

Our Learning in Action

In every role and at every level, team members have a manager who invests in their professional growth. For teachers, we offer a continuous cycle of classroom observations and feedback with instructional coaches. We teach with our classroom doors open and welcome the support and feedback of our colleagues. Our teachers also gather regularly throughout the year to collaborate with and learn from their peers across the Uncommon network.

Sample Class

Ms. Hoo uses Teach Like a Champion© techniques to generate a written response to a prompt before a classroom discussion.

Our Coaching

Mr. Worrell and Mr. Cheeley discuss ways to improve the “Fall of Rome” lesson and practice using role play.

Ready to join us?

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