The Uncommon Student Experience

Leading with Love

At Uncommon Schools, we love our students for who they are and for who we know they can become. We celebrate their brilliance and we support them to achieve their full potential.

We set high standards for character and academics, while creating joyful classrooms where students can discover new interests and develop their identities.

We build relationships for life—supporting our alumni throughout college and cheering them on as they pursue their dreams. We believe that every one of our students has the potential to change history.

Woman fist bumps student at door of classroom

An Uncommon School Day

At Uncommon Schools, we start each school day with three goals in mind: every student feels truly loved and cared for, learning is both rigorous and joyful, and students are prepared for success in college and beyond. We do this through rigorous academics, a focus on joy and love, and a school day that sets up every student for success.

A Strong Start

All Uncommon students start their day with a firm handshake at the door of the school and a warm welcome from an adult who knows them and is committed to their success.

Building Community

One of our oldest and most joyful traditions, morning circle and community meetings are a time for students to celebrate accomplishments, come together as one school with one mission, and share their strong leadership voices.

Joy and Mastery

Learning should be both fun and educational. We build joy into every lesson while preparing students to master the skills and knowledge they’ll need to succeed in college and beyond.


All young people deserve the opportunity to discover their intellectual passions, so we are proud to offer a wide range of courses like robotics, African-American literature, creative writing, computer coding, business, and more.

Beyond the Classroom

Learning doesn’t end when the final bell rings. After hours, our students are debating on the national stage, contributing to literary journals, performing in musical theater, winning state athletic championships, and so much more.

It Takes a Village

We are honored to be a part of your lives. Our teachers and leaders communicate constantly with parents and families. They share updates and work as a team with parents and families to ensure every child has the support he or she needs to succeed.

We Are Uncommon

Hear directly from our students and parents on their experiences at Uncommon.

Day in the Life at Uncommon

Hear how our students spend their days at school.

A PBS Visionaries Feature

Where Everyone is College-Bound

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