Our Approach

Welcome to Elementary School

In Uncommon elementary schools, we cultivate a love for learning in every child. Our teaching is fast-paced, rigorous, and fun—with plenty of celebratory cheers built into each lesson. We build community around values like respect, hard work, and kindness, shaping the hearts as well as the minds of our students. Our goal is for students to love school from the very start.

Excited students with hands in the air

Stepping Up to Middle School

In middle school, Uncommon students learn the academic skills they need to succeed in high school, while developing their own identities as citizens of their communities and of the world. They learn to think deeply, to debate passionately, and to engage thoughtfully with new people, places, and ideas.

Student paying attention in class

College Preparatory High Schools

Uncommon high school students make the transition to becoming the young adult leaders of tomorrow. They build their intellectual expertise through rigorous coursework and AP classes. They develop their passion and leadership through a broad range of activities: they raise their voices in debate, take action in their communities, bring us inspiration through the arts, design new prototypes, compete athletically, and so much more. They graduate ready to thrive in college and beyond.

Student contemplating while reading a book

To and Through College

Every Uncommon high school student works closely with a counselor to find the college that will enable them to achieve their dreams. Ninety-six percent of Uncommon high school graduates have earned admission to a 4-year college since 1997. When they get to campus, they are never alone: We offer dedicated alumni support to help them navigate the challenges they may face on the road to graduation and to achieving their dreams.

Students posing with pennants and tee shirts in gymnasium for senior signing day

At Uncommon Schools, we believe that children with disabilities are deserving of a high-quality, individualized education that will allow them to have a successful future. We are committed to accommodating the needs of our students with disabilities pursuant to IDEA, Section 504, and the ADA.

We are proud to serve students with disabilities in the following ways, as relevant based on their individual needs: We also provide support in the following related services:
  • Remedial math and reading instruction
  • Classroom support from additional general and special education teachers
  • Small group instruction for content-specific support
  • Presentation of material using multiple modalities to accommodate a variety of learning styles
  • Data-driven curricular modifications to meet students at their appropriate instructional levels
  • Speech-Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Behavioral Services
  • Counseling
  • Transportation

We are committed to partnering with all members of the child study team to create programs that will nurture and support social, emotional, and academic growth. Campus-based Special Education teams are comprised of a Special Education Coordinator, School Counselor or Social Worker, Related Service Providers, and the student’s Case Manager. These team members work closely with teachers and school leaders to implement and monitor students’ individualized educational programs.

Regional Directors of Special Education
Xuan Huynh
Ashley Pullum
New York City
Katie Dormont
Kathleen Lane
James Dill