April Kirkland

April Kirkland is a former UPC Raptor from the class of 2022. She is a rising sophomore attending Muhlenberg College and her first year has been nothing short of amazing. As a first-generation college student, April’s tenacity, drive, and positive mindset has helped her excel in her first year of college. April entered Muhlenberg as an undecided major, but graphic design and social work were areas that peaked her interest. She wanted to keep her options open, and she focused on doing well and making the most of her new college experience. During her first semester, April excelled both academically and socially! Not only did she earn a 3.5 GPA, but she also got involved in activities and organizations on campus. She is part of the Emerging Leaders program on campus, where she has been able to meet many other students of color and she even got her own personal mentor! April is also a member of the Black Student Association and attends all the BSA events on campus! She is also a part of the Majorette Dance Team at Muhlenberg, which has provided her with a black sisterhood at her home away from home. April also has a part-time work study job where she helps students get media equipment for various tasks across campus. 

One thing that April always raves about is how much she cares about helping people. So, it’s very fitting that this summer, April will be working at a nursing home which will allow her to exercise her passion and skills in helping others. 

April’s college journey has been off to an amazing start, and there is no doubt that April will continue to excel and thrive in all that she does in her sophomore year and beyond!