Folusho Olawole

Folusho Olawole graduated from UCC in 2018. She went on to Franklin and Marshall, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Neuroscience in 2022. Originally intending to be pre-med, she completed a couple of research and internship opportunities in chemistry and public health. After experiencing the field, she began to think about her areas of strength and became interested in numbers and coding. As she was graduating, she started looking at opportunities and found a program with JP Morgan Chase that not only helped her with her interest in numbers and technology, but also gave graduates of the program a position after college. Having completed that program, Folusho is now a Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase.

While on campus, Folusho had to establish her own inclusive spaces. One of these spaces was tutoring, where she became the head tutor for biology. This was a win for Folusho because not only was she interested in biology, but she had also been tutoring since her time at UCC. Due to this passion for both, Folusho along with her best friend who is also a UCC alum, formally started a tutoring business. There, she would continue to tutor younger students, in hopes of decreasing the learning gaps and increasing students’ chances of admission to competitive 4-year colleges.

Currently a Software Engineer and an entrepreneur, Folusho hopes to eventually lead a team of engineers where she can continue to provide inclusivity and lead by example. Additionally, she wants to scale her business and work with schools, where she can continue to serve other students and families, helping them achieve their college admissions goals and feeding their life-long passion of learning!