Important Information for Prospective Employees

Uncommon Schools Health and Safety Policies

In-person Instruction is Best for Students, Staff

Uncommon Schools recognizes that in-person instruction is best for our students and staff. With that in mind, the following health and safety policies related to COVID-19 have been developed with student and staff health and safety as our top priority. All policies and procedures reflect state and CDC guidance and best practices.

Keeping Our Students & Staff Safe

Uncommon Schools uses COVID-19 mitigation layers that vary by region and are informed by local and state guidance and data.

Use of Masks
Physical Distancing
Handwashing & Sanitizing
Contact Tracing & Isolation/Quarantine

Vaccination Policy

Uncommon Schools believes that vaccination is vital to keeping our community safe, delivering the in-person instruction that is best for our scholars, and protecting members of our community that are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Accordingly, vaccination is a condition of employment for all employees- most commonly 1 shot of J&J or 2 shots of Pfizer/Moderna/Novavax. New hires must submit proof of vaccination by their first day of work.

Work Location Requirements

graphic of a map markerBecause Uncommon Schools has prioritized in-person instruction, all school-based staff are required to work in-person five days per week. Home Office staff are also required to work in-person, though some remote work may be possible according to expectations set for specific roles and teams. In addition:

  • Staff working from and/or visiting schools must abide by the guidelines mandated by that school; and
  • Staff working from and/or visiting an Uncommon Office must abide by the guidelines mandated by that office location.