Important Information for Prospective Employees

Uncommon Schools Health and Safety Policies

In-person Instruction is Best for Students, Staff

Uncommon Schools recognizes that in-person instruction is best for our students and staff. With that in mind, the following health and safety policies related to COVID-19 have been developed with student and staff health and safety as our top priority. All policies and procedures reflect state and CDC guidance and best practices.

Keeping Our Students & Staff Safe

For the 2021-22 school year, Uncommon Schools will continue to layer prevention strategies in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our schools, and maintain healthy facilities. Those strategies are summarized here.

Consistent Use of Masks
Physical Distancing
Handwashing & Sanitizing
Contact Tracing & Isolation/Quarantine
Watch our Health & Safety overview video below, or read our one-pager.

Additional minimum requirements apply and vary according to work location. Full policies, procedures, and guidance will be provided to each employee according to their specific work location.

Vaccination Policy

Uncommon Schools believes that vaccination is vital to keeping our community safe, delivering the in-person instruction that is best for our scholars, and protecting members of our community that are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Accordingly, vaccination is a condition of employment for all employees, absent an approved eligible medical or religious exemption. New hires must submit proof of vaccination or proof of having received their first dose of the vaccine by their first day of work.

Work Location Requirements

graphic of a map markerBecause Uncommon Schools has prioritized in-person instruction, all school-based staff are required to work in-person five days per week. Home Office staff are also required to work in-person, though some remote work may be possible according to expectations set for specific roles and teams. In addition:

  • Staff working from and/or visiting schools must abide by the guidelines mandated by that school; and
  • Staff working from and/or visiting an Uncommon Office must abide by the guidelines mandated by that office location.

Virtual Interviews

We have adopted a practice of conducting all interviews virtually. This practice will continue to be reviewed and revised in accordance with state and CDC guidelines and best practices.

Comprehensive School Year 21-22 Plan

Our approach to School Year 21-22 includes a plan to close COVID-related learning gaps, in addition to our health and safety guidelines. Learn more.

In light of fluid nature of COVID, changes to law and other factors, policies related to COVID may be subject to change on an ongoing basis.