Support our students and staff

The Uncommon Resiliency Fund

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, all Uncommon schools have transitioned to remote learning. Our students need your help to ensure that staying safe at home doesn’t delay their academic journey. Your donations will provide for meals, technology, virtual instruction, and necessary services to the hardest hit members of our community. Thank you for your support.

Donate to the Uncommon Resiliency Fund

How Your Donations Help

Every dollar you give has an outsized impact.


Feeds a child breakfast and lunch for a week.


Buys a laptop for a student whose schooling might otherwise be disrupted.


Enables us to create another week’s worth of remote learning content.


Ensures continuity of special education services for an entire school for a month.

Donate to the Uncommon Resiliency Fund

Other Ways to Donate

While our schools and offices are closed in response to the COVID-19 virus, please donate online or by stock, ACH, or wire transfer if you are able. If you prefer to give by check, please email for instructions.

Please specify the number of shares and the particular security. Please also include your name (or the donor’s name) so that we may properly acknowledge the donation.

Bank Name: Morgan Stanley
Account Name: Uncommon Schools Inc.
Direct Registration System (DTC) Number: 0015
Account Number: 235-044468-595

Please contact and we will be happy to provide detailed instructions for donating by ACH/wire transfer.

Please contact and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about donating to Uncommon Schools.

Uncommon Schools is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.
Tax Exempt Organization No. is 238291