Uncommon New York City Elementary School Scholars Featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show

When Excellence Boys performing arts teacher Ivan Marrero filmed his second-grade students looking in the mirror and saying one thing they liked about themselves, he had no idea the impact that video would have on millions. “My skin color,” “I’m smart,” “My eyes,” “I have the ability to do anything,” are just some of the affirmations heard around the world when Mr. Marrero’s video went viral. 

The Kelly Clarkson Show invited Mr. Marrero, and two of his students, Logan B. and Blake B. to appear on the “Best in Class” segment and talk about why positive self-affirmations are so important for young scholars. Clarkson, renowned singer, songwriter, author, and Emmy Award winning TV personality, also had a surprise gift for Mr. Marrero and his students. Watch the video below.

All video footage is owned by NBC and The Kelly Clarkson Show

Ivan Marrero, Performing Arts Teacher

We want them to have self-confidence so they are able to accomplish anything they want. We just want them to love themselves from an early age because that's where it starts. We just want to embrace positivity.

Excellence Boys Performing Arts teacher backstage at The Kelly Clarkson Show
Blake B., Scholar

Affirmations to me mean building up my strength to conquer something.

Logan B., Scholar

Affirmations make me feel confident. They make me feel happy. They make me feel welcome in this world.

The viral video posted by Mr. Marrero that inspired the visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show.  “We want to make sure our kids—everyone’s kids—see the beauty within themselves.” Mr. Marrero said.

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