Images of students from Excellence Boys and students of Morehouse College celebrating together
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Morehouse Men Visit Excellence Boys Brooklyn

  • September 26, 2022

BROOKLYN, NY — “Welcome to Little Morehouse!” Principal Quinterrence Bell cheered as a big travel bus pulled up in front of Excellence Boys Charter School on Patchen Avenue and the 50 Morehouse Men inside started streaming out to the sidewalk. 

The Morehouse students had been on the bus for over 14 hours, having left Atlanta Thursday night, on their way north to bring gifts, a theatrical performance and wisdom to the over 600 K-8th grade students at Excellence Boys.

Morehouse students performed a mesmerizing compilation of dramatic monologues and artistic interpretations of the core pillars and beliefs that lead to success.

Excellence Boys and Morehouse College have a special bond by virtue of the fact that six Morehouse men are educators at the school, including the two principals, Bell and Jaz Grant. Bell is the principal of the middle school and Grant is the principal of the elementary school.

Together, they lead over 600 Brooklyn boys, almost all Black or Latinx, preparing to be young men who will go on to change the world.

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