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A Principal Discovers His Passion at Morehouse

  • December 20, 2019

Quote: The children in that school deserved my example, someone who shared aspects of their identity in the front of the classroom, leading them to success. In an open letter in the Homecoming Edition of the Maroon Tiger — Morehouse College’s on-campus publication — Jaz Grant writes about how his alma mater helped him find his passion and shape a career worth pursuing.

Jaz was a chemistry major at Morehouse, and thought to go into medicine. But one day, during the college’s weekly speaker’s series, it all changed. After listening to the guest lecturer, Jaz realized his desire to become a doctor was driven mostly by the lucrative salary. It wasn’t his calling.

Education has been on the forefront of Jaz’s life since childhood, and during the summer of hist junior year, he participated in Uncommon’s Summer Teaching Fellowship. The rest is history. Jaz is now a Principal at Uncommon Ocean Hill Elementary School.

Read Jaz’ letter on page 3 of the Maroon Tiger.