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Alumni Persist in College With Continued Support

  • January 18, 2020

The Wall Street Journal published an article highlighting the work that New York City charter schools, including Uncommon Schools, are doing to get high school graduates to college and, importantly, graduate from college. We are excited to share that 61 percent of Uncommon’s high school graduates have completed at four-year institutions in six years ̶ a rate substantially higher than that of regular public schools nationwide serving a concentration of low-income students.

chart showing the share of high school's graduates who finished four-year colleges in six years: Uncommon Schools at 61%, Achievement First at 58%, Democracy Prep at 57%, and KIPP at 49 percent. The large percentage of our alumni finishing their undergraduate careers with a degree in hand is a testament to our students’ hard work, as well as the ardent dedication of our staff who support them.

For Uncommon, the key to our students’ success “is rooted in how good a match [the college] is for them,” says Patrick Rametti, our Director of College Completion. It’s not just about GPA and test scores. Our College Success teams look at every facet of a students’ academic career and personal interests, with a college’s academic offerings, financial aid, location, and more.

Congratulations to our College Success teams, and congratulations to our alumni who have graduates and are on track to graduate from college. We’re very proud of all you have accomplished and will accomplish.

Read the full article here.