Julie Jackson speaking at Ark Teachers Summit in London

Julie Jackson Speaks to Educators in London

  • October 24, 2019

“It’s not often you see a room of school leaders rendered speechless,” writes Tom Ress, Executive Director of School Leadership at the Ambition Institute, but as Julie spoke about her journey at Uncommon, “you could hear a pin drop.”

This month, Uncommon Schools President Julie Jackson, traveled to London, England for two events—one with the Ambition Institute and another with Ark Schools—to meet with school leaders and educators, and speak about her experiences that led her to become president of Uncommon Schools.

At the Ambition Institute, Julie participated in a panel discussion where she shared advice on effective school leadership, and three lessons she learned from her father.

At the Ark Teacher Summit organized by Ark Schools, Julie presented the keynote speech to 2,000 teachers and staff members. Here, she again shared her personal experiences that motivated her throughout her career, adding to all in attendance:

Thank you, Ambition Institute and Ark Schools for inviting Julie to speak with you about why she does the work she does, and about Uncommon Schools. We are grateful for the opportunities to share our practices with educators and leaders around the world to provide students with the highest quality education.

The Ambition Institute is a U.K.-based graduate school for educators and school leaders, designing and delivering professional development for teachers of all levels. Ark Schools is an education charity that has grown into a network of 37 schools in the U.K.