Roxbury Prep students pose during local parade
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Roxbury Prep Students Share Their Stories at Parade

  • October 11, 2019

Roxbury Prep students participated in the Roslindale Parade this month with handmade signs inviting community members to “ask me how many AP classes I’ve taken.” Some students eagerly shared their AP course load: five, six, even nine AP classes — no easy feat considering Roxbury Prep High School is spread across two temporary campuses in different parts of Boston. While two locations may present challenges, it hasn’t stopped our students from achieving academically. At RPHS, 100 percent of our seniors have taken at least one Advanced Placement (AP) class compared to only 39 percent of public school students nationwide.

In addition to marching in the parade, another group of Roxbury Prep students were tabling in front of the empty Clay Auto Center at 361 Belgrade Avenue — the site for the proposed new high school building which would bring all of Roxbury Prep High School under one roof.

“Roxbury Prep students deserve a high school. As an alumna, if it were not for the high quality education and support I received at Roxbury Prep, I would not have been prepared to receive multiple college degrees from great institutions,” Bria Gadsden told Roslindale Patch. Gadsden is a Roxbury Prep alumna who went on to the University of Massachusetts Amherst (Class of 2016) and Merrimack College (Class of 2018).

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