STF Alumnus and Morehouse graduate pays it forward
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STF Alumnus Pays it Forward

  • August 8, 2019

When Morehouse graduates of the Class of 2019 were told they were graduating debt free — thanks to a gift by billionaire Robert F. Smith — they were faced with unprecedented opportunities and a future without the burden of student loan debt. For Jacquese Harrison, a Morehouse graduate and Chicago native, this meant pursuing a career in education. This fall, Harrison will be joining the staff at Leadership Prep Bed-Stuy Middle Academy, an opportunity that comes after spending the summer of his junior year as a Summer Teaching Fellow.

Harrison is the oldest of five siblings, and the first in his family to graduate from a four-year university. In keeping with Smith’s request to “pay it forward,” Harrison is looking to create a resource center for teenagers who want to apply to college but may need support navigating the process.

“I want to eventually help underprivileged students, such as myself at one point, who want to go to college,” Harrison told the Chicago Sun Times. Read the full story here.

Photo: Harrison and Jamel Chambers — Morehouse graduates — at Urban Prep Academy Englewood Campus | Kierra Frazier/Sun-Times