Teaching in the Online Classroom by Doug Lemov

Teach Like A Champion’s Timely New Guide to Online Teaching and Learning

  • January 26, 2021

How is your child’s online classroom? According to Washington Post education columnist Jay Mathews, the “gold standard” is outlined in a new book, Teaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal, by Doug Lemov and the Teach Like a Champion team.

While the focus of the new book is about online instruction and learning, the authors do not think remote instruction is the solution to educational problems. Like many, these educators are aching to get back to the classroom.

But the reality of our current times requires a flexible approach and applying proven in-classroom practices to the digital classroom. In Teaching in the Online Classroom, Lemov and his team demonstrates how mixing real-time learning with prepared videos can help remove the barriers of screens.

In addition to teaching and learning strategies, the authors also address topics like closing and reopening schools, or opening for some students while others remain totally remote. They also suggest using recorded lessons to help students catch-up and review when in-person learning resumes ̶ a suggestion most helpful perhaps in specific subject areas such as physics, chemistry, and advanced math.

“Having broken the barriers of time and place, we have potentially opened the door to better and greater use of one of teaching’s scarcest commodities: specific expertise,” the authors said.

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