Teacher Zack Allen teaches online using a photo of his classroom lab as a backdrop.
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Uncommon Builds Online High School in One Day

  • March 27, 2020

On March 16, Uncommon Schools closed all its schools, including its four high schools, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The next day, over 4,000 high school students logged online for remote learning. The transition to online learning was completed in one day.

This meant students were safe and could continue their learning uninterrupted, including taking the online-only versions of the Advanced Placement exams — a critical gatekeeper for many college dreams.

“The best part of online learning is having complete independence of your learning environment and your surroundings while actually learning virtually,” said Junior Alex Bishop. “This is really helping me get ready for college.”

Online attendance can be tricky but Uncommon’s high schools are seeing daily attendance rates of over 90 percent, nearly rivaling attendance rates at brick-and-mortar sites.

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