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Uncommon Sense: An Instructional Blog for Educators by Educators

  • February 16, 2021

Uncommon Schools has a history of collaborating with local school districts and sharing resources through in-person professional development trainings, online workshops, and multiple best-selling books. Why? Because we believe that every child deserves a great education.


Why a Blog?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink our traditional sharing avenues, but being confined to virtual rooms or limited on-site learning hasn’t changed our commitment to sharing what works and being the best educators we can be.

Sharing our resources continues to be an organizational priority and the blog allows us to reach even more educators and elevate instructional practices worldwide.

In our inaugural post, Juliana Worrell and Erin Michels explore how students can be supported by community-building both virtually or in person, whether it’s by teaching the power of growth mindset or engaging students in a community meeting. Read the post for insights and resources to help your students grow and thrive.

Who Should Subscribe?

While our primary audience is for teachers, coaches, and school leaders, the resources shared on Uncommon Sense can be invaluable to parents and others looking for ways to improve teaching and learning more broadly.

We encourage anyone interested in elevating their teaching practice to subscribe to the blog. You’ll join a community of passionate educators and receive insights and resources on a variety of topics, including remote learning techniques, implementing culturally responsive curriculum, and more.