student unfurls a Rochester Institute of Technology shirt during a college signing ceremony
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2,550 Strong — We are One Uncommon

  • January 23, 2020

In 1997, we began as a single school in Newark, New Jersey. To that founding class of 72 students and their families we made a promise. A promise to provide them with an outstanding education that prepares them to graduate from college and achieve their dreams.

Our steadfastness and commitment to that promise has allowed us to grow for more than two decades to where we are today: 53 schools serving over 20,000 students in Boston, Camden, Newark, New York City, and Rochester. Since our first graduating class in 2004, 99 percent of our graduates have been accepted to a four-year college.

As an organization, we believe that every child deserves an outstanding education. We are committed to working in and outside of our school buildings to achieve that goal.

In a video message to staff, Uncommon Schools President Julie Jackson reminds us of the importance of why we do the work that we do. Whether we’re classroom teachers or school leaders, regional support staff or home office staff, we make Uncommon’s mission come alive every single day.

It’s a collective effort—2,550 members strong—to empower the next generation of leaders and change history.