Picture of alum Ally Jimenez

Ally Jimenez

There has been no doubt in Ally’s mind that fashion was the industry for her. In her search for a college, she knew she needed to find a place that would allow her to explore that. Now as a senior at Marist College she gets to study fashion merchandising through an intensive immersive learning program that has opened the doors to many more opportunities.

One opportunity Ally made sure to take full advantage of was the internship and career fair on campus. Through her engagement and networking, she landed herself an internship with Macy’s. Her impact and engagement were transparent in her work, that they have asked her to return for a permanent position upon graduation.

Her passions have also led her on new adventures, like hopping on a plane to study abroad! Ally eagerly traveled to Florence, Italy where she quickly realized she would face a new set of challenges. Her first month was difficult. Sudden feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and exclusion due to the language barrier settled in. She was close to packing up and going back home. Ally knew she was stronger than she thought and pushed through. She enjoyed the rest of her experience and found herself a group of friends that would travel Europe alongside her.

Regardless of the challenges, she now looks back at what once was an intimidating adventure, with fondness. She is not afraid to embrace the trials that come with new opportunities because she has everything she needs inside to get her through.