Flor Reyes Silvestre and Angel Saldivar

“I don’t really remember when we met that well, but Angel says it was the first couple days of school. We were in the same 8th grade advisory of UCLA, and we were doing a student BINGO Icebreaker. He approached me, and I signed his box confirming I was born in Mexico. The rest was history!” ~Flor Reyes Silvestre

Flor Reyes Silvestre and Angel Saldivar, two alumni from WCCS, 2010, and UCHS, 2014, tied the knot this winter surrounded by teachers, friends, and family, at the famous cafetorium at Uncommon Charter High School, celebrating decades of love in a space that watched them grow. 

Without a doubt, there was no better place to commemorate one of the most important days of their lives.

“Being in UCHS gave us a safe environment to get to know each other. We have grown up together inside and outside of school. Initially, we got involved in extracurricular activities like theater and soccer to get to spend more time together. At that time we never imagined it would lead us into college and would help us get through a long distance relationship. It brought us together and gave us knowledge, experience, and connections that have helped in life.” 

Aside from all the things they have learned from each other over the years, one thing they will always share is their connection with Uncommon. Since graduating from high school, Angel and Flor went off to college and are now living and employed in Buffalo, NY. Angel is currently an Account Analyst for Citigroup Global Markets Inc., and Flor is a bilingual immigration paralegal at Borowski Witmer Immigration Lawyers. 

Professionals in the real world living with magical stories that started right here at 157 Wilson Street, so many years ago. Flor and Angel are a symbol of the impact our schools have, even beyond our wildest dreams. 

Uncommon, changing history in unexpected ways.