Katherine Santana

Katherine Santana is on the verge of completing her first year at Monmouth University. It seems like just yesterday she was moving on to campus for the five-week summer program through the Education Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program. Being a part of the summer program created the path for her to have a smooth transition to the fall semester as a Psychology major and as a student in general. In her first semester, she was very disciplined with her academics and desired to do well. Her weekly study routine and strong organizational skills have led to her staying on top of all her classes. 

One of the things that Katherine hoped to change once she got to college was her level of social and extracurricular involvement. Being away from home meant that she needed to find her niche on campus. As a result, Katherine joined the Latin American Student Organization (LASO). Additionally, she wanted financial independence, so she applied to work on campus as an Equipment Specialist at the on-campus gym. After her first semester, Katherine was excited that she earned a 3.2 GPA. Time management is one of the biggest challenges college students face, but Katherine dove into these different areas and still maintained a solid grade point average.

With the spring semester underway, Katherine has continued to grow and explore the resources available to her at Monmouth. One of her goals was to complete a study abroad program before graduation. She applied for a six-week summer opportunity in South Korea, which she later was accepted into, and is currently exploring funding options. Katherine is a true example of “college is what you make it.” She has stepped out of her shell and her comfort zone and is thinking of the big picture each semester.