Samantha Haynes

Samantha, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, graduated from Uncommon Leadership Charter in June of 2022. Samantha was accepted and committed to York College, a CUNY in Jamaica, Queens, where she is finishing her first year as a nursing major. Samantha’s love for babies motivated her to study nursing in hopes of becoming a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse. What better job than to be able to help the most vulnerable population by becoming a NICU nurse? Upon being admitted to York College Samantha joined the SEEK program. The SEEK program provides comprehensive academic, financial and social support to assist students who otherwise would not be able to attend college due to their educational and financial circumstances. Samantha likes this program because of the events they host, as well as the assistance they provide with counseling and financial guidance. 

While Samantha is receiving guidance and utilizing her resources at York, she is handling a full-time caseload of fifteen credits a semester. Sam finished her first semester with a 3.07 GPA and passed all of her classes. Her current semester is going well and she is already registered for Fall 2023 courses. Her favorite things about York College are the friends she has made as well as the scholarship opportunities. She and her friends keep each other motivated whether in their STEM classes or in their spending habits. Though her first year at York is going great, and she is enjoying her college experience, Samantha is extremely excited to start her Sophomore year. She is looking forward to diving into her nursing courses as she is almost done with all of her prerequisites. After her well deserved summer break, she will be taking five classes: Intro to Anthropology, Elementary Spanish 1, Introduction to Creative Writing, Essentials of College Chemistry and College Chemistry Lab. This summer, she will be spending some time in Aruba, coming back refreshed for her sophomore year at CUNY, York College.