Sha’Ryanna Harvey Wyatt

Shary is a junior Criminal Justice and Political Science major at St. John Fisher University. As part of the HEOP program Shary was not convinced that Fisher was going to be the place for her. Her first semester was in the throws of COVID so she was not only adapting to life at a predominately white school, but also the fears around the virus, online school, and a rigorous new course load. She did not excel her first semester, but that only inspired her to do better, and earn her degree. After adjusting to the campus culture and immersing herself in her program, she cultivated a love for her subject matter, a strong connection to her purpose in pursuing her degree—to become a Civil Lawyer and help historically marginalized people navigate the justice system. Since then she has had remarkable opportunities to learn and build her own skill set. In Summer 2022, Shary took part in the University at Buffalo’s Discovery Law program, and was able to take practice LSATs, learn about law programs across the country and the process of applying to law school, and meet other students from various campuses in NYS with the same interests and passions. As she entered her junior year, Shary knew it was time to do more for herself, and she secured an internship at a local organization, Measures for Justice, where she is a research intern focused on creating equity in the criminal justice systems nationwide. Shary is high achieving, and dedicated to earning her Bachelor’s degree. Her sights are set on prepping for her LSAT and she hopes to gain admission to Georgetown Law in Fall 2024.