Uncommon Schools Alum Zhane Flowers

Zhane Flowers

Zhane Flowers has always had a deep love for the beauty industry. Dating back to her younger years, she was heavily into modeling. She loved the rush of backstage, the excitement of being in front of the camera, and the ability to network with hundreds of other models, which has had a huge impact on where she is today.

She decided to take her experience as a model and became the artist behind the lens. She stepped down as a model, which opened the door to many blessings. She has been able to take part in several big projects as both a model and makeup artist. Her most rewarding experience was being part of the Fall 2020 campaign for Adidas, which allowed her to showcase her passion and talent.

Through her knowledge of the industry, careful planning, grit, and bravery, she officially birthed her brand SOLAENY, in 2022. Presently, she is a full-time entrepreneur and professional makeup artist at her own new studio space. She offers inspiration, professional and unparalleled services to all of her clients. “The major reason behind my entrepreneurial decision was because I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. Just as I felt bold and beautiful in my early years of modeling. I’m not here to transform you, but to remind every client I encounter how stunning you already are! I’m just adding the finishing touches.”

In the upcoming years, Zhane see’s herself doing makeup for moguls in the industry. She wants to expand her clientele to major outlet along with the expansion of her business SOLAENY into coffee shops, clothing, cosmetics and even travel worldwide. She sees big things sprouting for herself and her business.