Uncommon Leaders

At each of our schools, a Principal and a Director of Operations work together as co-leaders. Our dual leadership model is critical to ensuring both instructional and operational excellence in our schools, creating highly effective, joyful classrooms for students and staff.

Other on-campus leadership opportunities include Dean of Students, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, and Special Education Coordinator.

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Principals at Uncommon are laser-focused on student learning and teacher effectiveness. Whether coaching teachers and instructional leaders on world-renowned pedagogical techniques or shaping a vibrant school culture, our Principals ensure that all students are on the path to achieve their dreams.

Principal Fellowship

Our Principal Fellowship prepares leaders to become Principals at Uncommon Schools by working full-time as members of a school leadership team, and receiving one-on-one coaching as well as best-in-class professional development. Fellows gain experience in all areas of expertise needed to become exceptional school leaders, including: coaching teachers, creating a strong school culture, and partnering with families.

Fellows are enrolled in the Relay Graduate School of Education’s prestigious National Principal Academy Fellowship during their placement. Experienced school leaders from outside Uncommon frequently join our fellowships to hone their skills prior to taking on a Principal role at Uncommon Schools.

Director of Operations

A uniquely senior leadership role at Uncommon Schools, the Director of Operations acts as the operational partner to each Principal. Our DOOs lead all aspects of operations, including managing a team, handling school finances, and directing on-campus logistics. Directors of Operations raise our schools to a higher level of excellence.

Operations Fellowship

Our Operations Fellowship prepares leaders to become Directors of Operations at Uncommon Schools through significant hands-on operational responsibility, coaching, and formal professional development. Operations Fellows serve full-time as members of the school’s operational and leadership teams, owning and assisting in daily operational work. In addition, Fellows complete carefully chosen projects which provide active learning and shape the development of their schools.

Operations Fellows receive training and hands-on experience in the areas of financial management, development of school systems, student recruitment, and building high-performing teams.

Other Leadership Opportunities

Our Principals and Directors of Operations work closely with several other important leaders within each school. Learn more about how you can further develop your leadership skills at Uncommon Schools.