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Welcome to Uncommon Sense, a blog that will share innovation, practical tools, and insights from a diverse group of internationally recognized experts covering a broad range of topics, including instruction, parent engagement, community-building, culturally responsive teaching and curriculum, and more.

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Why an Instructional Blog?

Sharing our resources is, and has been, an organizational priority for Uncommon Schools. In previous years, we have shared our work through on-site professional development sessions with district partners, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has made this a challenge. The blog allows us to continue to share our work with educators in a virtual way that’s accessible to everyone.


The blog is written by expert educators across Uncommon Schools. You'll gain insights on topics such as remote learning techniques, community building, subject area guidance, and much more.


We are deeply committed to sharing what we learn in our schools to improve education for all children. From books, workshops, and collaborations with district partners, Uncommon Sense lets us reach even further.

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