Teaching What Really Matters In Math

Pandemic-related disruptions in teaching and learning have affected students and schools across the globe, and Uncommon Schools is no exception. Like national trends, our students were hardest hit in mathematics. Over the past two years, we seized the opportunity to step back and consider our vision for math instruction, while staying true to our mission … Continued

Using “Just in Time” Instruction to Address Learning Loss

In the June 30th Uncommon Sense post, Our Plans to Reverse COVID-related Learning Loss, we named small-group instruction focused on accelerating student learning as a key driver in our ability to close COVID-related learning loss by June 2022. In this post, we are going to look closely at the classroom of Equel Easterling to see … Continued

Introducing Uncommon’s Open Source AP Curriculum Hub

At Uncommon Schools, we are deeply committed to supporting our students to get to and through college, which includes providing a college-ready academic course trajectory with preparation that allows all students to access Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Research indicates that students who take at least one AP course perform better in college than those who … Continued

Using Desmos to Drive Mathematical Discourse

Before the pandemic shut down school buildings, one of Lauren Masco’s best teacher moves was strategically walking around the classroom to observe students’ math work. Based on trending student thinking, Lauren would be able to quickly determine which students she should call on in order to orchestrate discourse based on students’ mathematical understandings and misconceptions. … Continued