Michael Blake

Michael Blake is the Chief of Operations for Schools, where he manages K-12 school and regional operations for our Uncommon New York City and Rochester Prep regions in New York.  Previously, Michael served as Managing Director of Operations for New York State, an Associate Chief Operating Officer for Uncommon NYC, and the Director of Operations … Continued

Cynthia Leger

Cynthia Leger serves as the Chief of Operations for Schools, where she oversees K-12 school and regional operations for our North Star, Camden Prep, and Roxbury Prep regions in New Jersey and Massachusetts. During her time at Uncommon,  Cynthia served as the Managing Director of Operations for NJ and MA, Associate Chief of Operations for … Continued

Mary Ann Villanueva

Mary Ann Villanueva is the Chief External Officer for Uncommon Schools, where she oversees development, enrollment, external affairs, marketing and media. Prior to joining Uncommon, Mary Ann spent 19 years in leadership roles within Global Branding at Citi, initially as part of the internal strategy team to unify and transform the brand following the Travelers/Citicorp … Continued

Julie Jackson

Julie Jackson is the co-Chief Executive Officer of Uncommon Schools, where she oversees all 53 K-12 Uncommon Schools as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. During her three decades in education, Julie’s strong leadership and commitment to improving public education have earned her several honors including the Teacher of the Year award in 1998, the … Continued

Priam Dutta

Priam Dutta is the Chief Operating Officer for Uncommon Schools. Before joining Uncommon, Priam was a Chief Strategy Officer with Attuned Education Partners. Prior to that, Priam spent 10 years working in Achievement First’s middle schools in Brooklyn as a math teacher, dean, and then founding principal. He joined Achievement First from McKinsey & Company, … Continued

Juliana Worrell

Juliana Worrell is the Chief Schools Officer K-8 for Uncommon Schools. Previously, Juliana served as an assistant superintendent, managing 14 of Uncommon’s North Star and Brooklyn elementary schools. Under Juliana’s leadership, her schools have consistently outperformed end-of-year state exam averages, with nearly all outperforming their respective states’ highest performing subgroups. Juliana is co-author of the … Continued

Jennifer Consilvio

Jennifer Consilvio joined Uncommon as Chief Financial Officer in January 2019. Prior to Uncommon, she spent 18 years at the American Civil Liberties Union, most recently as their Chief Financial Officer. As the ACLU’s CFO, she oversaw an operating budget of $275 million and an investment portfolio of $500 million. She also lead the organization’s … Continued

Laura Lee McGovern

Laura Lee McGovern is the Chief of Staff for Uncommon Schools. Laura serves as a member of the Executive Team at Uncommon, where she oversees the alumni impact, legal affairs, and strategic initiatives teams and focuses on organizational strategy, effectiveness and leadership. Prior to becoming Chief of Staff, Laura served as founding Chief Operating Officer … Continued

Brett Peiser

Prior to becoming CEO of Uncommon Schools in 2012, Brett Peiser served as founding Managing Director of Uncommon Schools NYC, starting and managing Uncommon’s K-12 schools in Brooklyn. Brett is the Founder and former Principal and Executive Director of Boston Collegiate Charter School, a former history teacher at Midwood High School in Brooklyn, and a … Continued

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo is the Chief Schools Officer, 9-12 and K-12 Content Development for Uncommon Schools and the Founder and Dean of the Leverage Leadership Institute, creating proof points of excellence in urban schools worldwide. Author of multiple books, including Leverage Leadership 2.0, Get Better Faster, Love & Literacy, Driven by Data 2.0, A Principal Manager’s … Continued